There are a number of reasons to exhibit…
All you need are 3.

1. Make the Right Connections

NEW! Network and meet virtually with attendees during EP Digital as part of our expanded program!

“What keeps me coming back is the quality of the attendees. The connections made here has allowed us to build a bridge to hopefully do business in the future.”

“It has always been top of the line pertaining to end-user traffic. [It provides] a platform in which you can ideally meet the majority of your clients all in one place.”

”It is by far one of the best conferences we attend during the year, and we always walk away with qualified leads.”

2. Showcase New Technologies & Proven Equipment

3. Have face-to-face meetings, virtually and in-person, that add value to your business

  • In-person requests are 34 times more successful than those made over email (source).

  • The most effective way to sell someone on your product is to put the product in front of them and let them interact with it (source).

  • Nearly 100% of people say in-person meetings are essential for long-term business relationships (source)!

Take the first step to building business relationships that positively impact your bottom line:

Become an Exhibitor Now!

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